Supper Club From Nowhere is a collective of chefs and farmers dedicated to combating food injustice by providing fresh produce and pantry items to those affected by food deserts. We also seek to get care packages safely to our elder community who otherwise could not access groceries due to COVID19. Supper Club From Nowhere believes that we are only as powerful as the sum of our parts. With pop ups, chef residencies and community outreach, we aim to build a larger network that continues to lift Black chefs to the forefront and fuel grassroot movements.


Food has been a vehicle for change since the beginning of time. Following in the footsteps of Georgia Gilmore, Supper Club from Nowhere aims to support self sufficiency through empowerment and the distribution of resources.


Kia Damon will be partnering up as a founding chef to build out a restaurant and grocery space in Downtown Brooklyn. The goal is to create a fully functioning co – op and professional kitchen that will service the surrounding community and beyond. Money will also be used to employ a team and compensate them a fair and livable wage.

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