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Kia Damon is a trailblazing, self-taught culinary force championing cultural exploration, inclusivity, and social advocacy through her exceptional cooking talent and entrepreneurial spirit.

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One of NYT’s “16 Black Chefs Changing Food in America” and founder of Kia Feeds the People Kia Damon’s COOKING WITH FLORIDA WATER, a cookbook and manifesto raising up the author’s home state, too long excluded from the canon of Southern cooking despite being the southernmost state with a rich food history of its own, to Michael Szczerban at Voracious, in a pre-empt, by Nicole Tourtelot at The Gernert Company

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Kia Damon has achieved remarkable acclaim for her culinary artistry and changemaking efforts. Her talents have been showcased on competitive cooking shows, while major media outlets and brands have highlighted her trailblazing journey. A rising star in the food industry, she continues to inspire with her unique perspective and commitment to using her platform for positive impact.


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